Hannah won't stop turning...
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I'm still alive. Currently watching some stupid novela that I hate, but that my mom almost forces upon me. And my dog is driving me crazy. She keeps going to and fro non-stop! I'm about to hit her (well not really, but it's so annoying)!
I meet with the Crew on Friday. I'm kinda excited, since I haven't seen them in a while...
This really wasn't an entry, but I just wanted to post something, since I hadn't posted in almost a year.
So people, just know that I am still alive!

Why me!?!
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Like I mentioned in my previous entry, I have had an obssession with that Britney song, which is totally weird because I'm not a Spears fan. But just when I was getting over it, I found this:

Why is life so unfair?

Now I HAVE to dance!!!

There are days...
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-If I was a violent person, I'd punch whoever got in my face today.
-I have no car, thanks to the idiot Miami garbage truck drivers...
-I have been trying to be supportive of my president, but it is oh so very hard for me. Why would anyone bow to King Abdullah? And it's not even a slight bow. Damn it! I'm so pissed. For the past two protests, I've decided not to go, at the last minute, because I think of Sasha and Malia. I'd be sad if someone was mean to my father. But he keeps doing these things that just piss me off.
-I'm in my house, with no where to go and all dressed up. I look really cute, if I do say so myself. But I couldn't do this everyday. I know a lot of people who are always dressed up in their houses, without reason. How does that work? I couldn't be like that all th time.
-Sometimes the smarter a person is, the dumber they are.
-How can people not see the truth, when it's right before their face?
-My father is right: "A la gente le gusta, que la engañen." A person can just say the straight out truth and another one lies using pretty talk, fancy words, and sugar coat it, and people in general will choose the liar.
-I don't really care for optimism or pessimism, I prefer being realistic.

-I'm super hungry, but most decent fast foods are still serving breakfast items. I HATE breakfast food with a passion. I can't bear the thought of eating an egg. It's the hen's menstruation!
-I hadn't use the word "hen" since I was like in elementary school...
-I keep looking at my inbox with Sandra Peebles' email from February 26. It took me like a month to write to her the first time. When will we re-new our conversation? I want to, but I'm so lazy.
-NO bitches! I don't want a night with Marco Rubio! I don't care how Republican he is! Let me be!!!!!!!!
-I'm so busy, but don't want to do anything. And the more and more I think about it, the less I want to actually do it.
-I agree with Hobbes, men would live like the beasts...
-I have seen so many good looking men lately.
-I love that Mandarin Chicken Salad from Wendy's. It has awesome palitos and almonds and the best sesame dressing ever!
-I wish I had twin girls just so I can name them Alexandra and Sasha, same name, but still individual enough...
-I should have graduated last december. I'm not taking any classes now, I finished all. I'm the only person, lazy enough, to postpone graduation for no reason.
-I wasn't driving the car, my father was. The truck driver went reverse and hit it. The cop said that he wasn't going "to take sides" because they were conflicting stories. The person going reverse is always at fault. The cars weren't even moved, the evidence was there. It seems to me, that he did "take a side." I'm not afraid to say it, I don't care how rascist it seems. The black cop was partial to the black driver, that's the real rascism. BASTARD!
-While I'm not a Britney fan, I currently love her song "Circus." I often put it on repeat. It's embarrassing!
-Now I have to call my insurance...

Oh, woe is me!
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I've been watching a lot of international news lately. Don't ask why! But it makes me realize that I hate most American news. Hate is a strong word, but I simply can't stand them. Damn, talk about being biased when interviewing people. It's just so annoying. I'm one of those people who likes making up their own mind, not spitting out what some dumbass journalist, who swears they're smarter than me for X reasons, is telling me to believe. I'm so happy I changed my major after realizing this. I would have been miserable with most of the people in that bunch. I know we all have opinions and are biased at some point, whether we want to or not, but some of these people don't ever try to tone it down. It's funny that a bunch of my journalism idols that I admired growing up (and wanting to be a journalist) are now worth crap in my eyes. And I don't even want to get in the emphasis of entertainment news in supposedly "serious" news... Blah, stupid people annoy me (they should be slapped by me)!

palin approves by xperfectlysane
i've been out of the country for a while. a lot has happened since i last wrote. we have a new president. i'm not going to lie, i would have NEVER in a million years voted for him. i don't agree with his ideology. while i am a republican, there are somethings about the left that appeal to me, but i think obama is too far left for me. however, he is also my president. this is what democracies are all about: sometimes yours win, sometimes they lose. he won fair and square, and if he is who the people chose, i accept that. i am not going to bitch and whine about obama being the president, because that's not like me. i refuse to be like a lot of people were when bush won, disrespecting him, insulting him or saying that they were going to move out of the country (by the way, none of them did).
i was sad by bush's departure though. before i left for vacation, he seemed so down. i kinda wanted to hug him and tell him that he is AMAZING in my eyes. even though i am one of the few people who love bush, i think america (the political minds, not the bunch) will see that he was a good president, with good intentions. but that will take time because no one notices the effects that certain things have in history until time passes (but that's another post)... 
for now, i hope obama is a good leader for this country and i am going to pray for him and this country. so with that said: GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Releasing the inner beast
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I'm so pissed off right now that all I can do is cry!!! I just saw on tv some stupid guy (in Nicaragua or central America) who a while ago had this "art exhibit." The stupid exhibit consisted a dirty, wounded, dog who was wasting away due to starvation. He had the dog tied up in a little corner and people would go in and look at the dying dog. I hate to curse, but What the fuck is that?!!! What would posses someone to do that? Why would anyone even want to think about doing such an act? Someone should tie that bastard in a corner and not feed him, while he's wounded and see how he likes that exhibition. I just hate people so much sometimes. I am a HUGE animal lover, especially dogs. Everyone knows about my undying love for Sarah Palin, but I was always against her hunting. If it's not threatening your life/safety and you are not going to eat it, why shoot it or harm it? People have no respect for anything; for life, animals, nature. It makes me so damn angry and sad. I couldn't stop crying because it made me think of my dogs. I grabbed Hannah and just hugged her  non-stop. Dogs are companions and the friendliest animals in the world. When they look at you, there's loyalty in their eyes. Just to picture that little dog's eyes asking for help or compassion breaks my heart. I wish I could have done something other than cry like a little girl. I'm just so angry at the world right now!

I love McCain/Palin
wink i got this one by chambodia
Today was my first day volunteering for the McCain/Palin campaign. I didn't think I'd like it, but I really did and I met new people. All the people there were amazing. It's also cool to talk to people who have your same morals, beliefs and values without other people trying to start an unwanted debate. Since Miami happens to be Obama Country, today was refreshing. I'm really going to try and go tomorrow, but if I can't for sure I will be there next week.

Guess who is going to the McCain rally?
obamas resume by chambodia
That's right: MEEE!!!!!!

I got the tickets yesterday. The rally will be tomorrow. Woo Hoo!!!

Yes, I was embarrased...
mccain palin by chambodia
ok, so we're chilling in our biscayne bay campus class. biscayne campus, i might add is all... hmmm... democrat. there's this guy, who is like a mixture of ghetto and cubanasazo. so we're debating about politics. there's people who support the obama-biden ticket, others (and by others, i mean 3) who support the mccain-palin ticket. the guy is a republican, so i was happy because it added one more to our little club. he's trying to be all helpful... i wish he would have been less helpful!

one of the obama supporters says that we're such "idiots" because imagine if mccain dies, "that bimbo" palin will be our president. so my helpful republican buddy says:

"i have a worse scenario: imagine obama lives and we get stuck with him for president. he's knows jack and he's a wuss. sarah's tough, she's killed shit before!"

now it makes me laugh, but at the moment i must have turned about every color of the rainbow! but he's hilarious in an embarassing way.

despite his absurdities, there was some truth. at one point he said: "i'd rather have a vice president with little experience, than a president with no experience." that's the quote i want to remember, because it is so factual... i will be using this quote in the future...

Why do random people always talk to me?
palin speech by lupinskitty

I saw this on a person's icon and thought it was incredibly creepy from how 110% accurate it was:

Liberals: We love America! (But only if we are in charge)

Liberals: We love diversity! (Unless you're different than us)

Liberals: We are tolerant! (Unless you think differently than we do)

Liberals: We support all women! (But only if they are liberal)

I have always thought this. Liberals are supposed to be so open minded and well, LIBERAL, but all the ones I have spoken to can't handle someone not thinking just like them. I also think it's funny how they demand to know why one votes for their choice. I have never asked anyone to defend their voting choice. Despite my "closed, un-intellectual, Republican mind," I can open it just a teeny wee bit, to understand that one is free to vote for whoever one wants, because that's just the beauty of the U.S. of A.

Obama is so full of it. I can't believe that I was once unsure about who to vote for... I am ashamed of that. He just makes me sick, not because I am not voting for him, it's actually because I see him too much. I'm literally sick of seeing his face. I think I need an election vacation.

The funny thing is that I wasn't convinced to vote McCain by the Republicans, I was actually just turned off by the liberals and the way that they are. This is not politics, I am talking about them, they are so ANNOYING. All the ones that I have come accross with thus far. Everytime they talk (I never argue, I hate that!), I just nod and smile and secretly wish they'd shut the F*ck off. I know I seem rude here because it's where I vent, but I could never be rude to a person.

Changing the subject, I am back from Sonfest. It was amazing that my quizteam won first place. We beat Living Word and they are hard to beat. I was so excited, because we had prepared since May. Also, because it is my first year coaching and teaching. I took my kids to victory pizza today and gave them their gifts. Stephy couldn't go and I wish she had. We also won first place in the drama. It was great. The hotel was pretty nice too. It was in Cocoa Beach. I roomed with Raisa, Natali and Stephanie. We ate a lot, went to Ron Jon, bowled, did the midnight beach walk and just bonded. I liked it... I took a picture by a huge McCain/Palin sign that I saw on the way. It was HUGE! (Taller than I am!) I will also add that I officially LOVE Sarah Palin too much for my own good. She's taped on my walls, is my desktop background, is pinned to my tote, has her name on my shirt, I collect her magazine/newspaper stories and I record most of her television appearances and news about her... But I can't help it, the woman rocks!

My Central Florida/Sarah Palin Weekend
palin victory by lupinskitty
Last weekend rocked my socks! Not only was it a coolio road trip (LOVE road trips!), I bonded with the baby sister and I got to see Sarah Palin.

Photo Timeline...Collapse )

Too excited to breathe!
oprahs help by vixielamenta

i know i'm screaming here, but i am just so excited!!!!
i can't believe she's coming to florida and i have tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am not an izquierdista, but I am a periodista.
palin pin by chambodia
So the crazy left wing extremists decided to hack into Palin's e-mail... It backfired, because these retards wanted to prove a point by hacking into her e-mail, but the only point they proved is that they are nuts. It's kinda funny, the things that people do when they are desperate for attention. People are really pissed because McCain and Palin are going to win. I am so certain of that, even moreso than in 2004  when I voted for Bush (and would do it 20 million times again).

My dad is always telling us "que la lata vacia hace mas ruido" (The empty can makes more noise). He says that when you have any can that's entirely full of something, when you shake it, it doesn't make noise. But when you have a half empty can, when you shake it, you hear a noise. He says that's why one usually hears the Liberals causing raucous and what not, but in the end, they never win. And I must add, my father is a very smart man, he went from Democrat, to Independent, and then he saw the light and became a Republican... 

Oh, and I am super excited about campaigning for McCain/Palin! I start after the 29th of September. Woo hoo!!! And for now, I must stop writing since because of Jimmy Kimmel, I can't stop laughing.

Alaska anyone?
palin approves by xperfectlysane
I wasn't sure who I was going to vote for (dislike Obama and not too nuts 'bout McCain) before. But now... I have been enlightened.

I <3 (heart) Sarah Palin!!!

Not a political analysis, just fun stuff...
at hello by chambodia
Who will be our veep?... Everyone is speculating and I have heard rumors that McCain’s possible V.P. choices are: Romney, wtf? Romney, can we say ewww? (Well, not ewww as in ugly, he is hot! Eww as in “no way!”), some weird dude that I don’t care about, Giuliani (I LOVE him!), or get this, Sarah-Freaking-Awesome-Palin!!! I don’t know if that is true, but I do have to write about it. If that man chooses Sarah Palin, my vote will most DEFINITELY go for McCain, no doubt about it.
I know that he will not choose Palin (it’s still amazing that she’s in the rumors), but I will only vote McCain if he chooses Giuliani (or of course the Palinator)! I will NEVER vote for Obama though.
That woman just had a baby and named him Van Palin after one of her and her husband’s favorite bands: Van Halen. She can’t get any better than that. I love that woman. I started liking her circa Christmas 2006, when the awesome Jake Hagen sent me an article about her becoming the first female governor of Alaska. I have been following her gubernatorial record since then, the good, the bad and the ugly, even the scandals with Ted Stevens and Lyda Green (which was messed up on Palin’s part). I’m not going to lie just because I love her, she’s a bitch. But she does get stuff done, she’s an amazing governor, she’s new, she’s not in that Washington circle, she’s someone I think would improve the ticket. She’s someone I would fully support. How cool would it be if McCain chose this woman? I think I’m fantasizing though. I think that he won’t choose her, for the exact reasons that I do love her. Nobody down here has heard of her… Sandra has soooooo many damn pictures with her from when she went to Alaska. I’m so damn jealous of her. Sandra spent a lot of time with her, and loved her. That’s right, Sandra the liberal extremist loved her! That woman is awesome. I think I will cry if McCain chooses her!

Colombians are love
McCain/Palin close up by lupinskitty

I am so happy about the Colombian hostage rescue. I did pray for Ingrid Betancourt very much. I am enamored of Alvaro Uribe. He's been the best president any country in Latin America has yet seen. I am so glad that he proved to the world that international mediators were not needed, specially to my arch nemesissy, Hugo Chavez. I loathe that moneky man... Marulanda and Tiro Fijo are dead and then some of the FARC's computers were taken by the National Colombian Army-this is only the beginning of the end for the FARC!

Here it goes:
flag mccain palin by lupinskitty
 I am excited about the Sex and the City movie!!! Then on June 2nd, is my 22nd birthday. On June 3rd is my sister's graduation. On june 4th I leave for Chicago!!! I'm so freaking excited! CHICAGO HERE I COME!!!

On the events of the Iberoamerican Summit in Santiago, Chile (Last Saturday)
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My archnemesissy, Hugo Chavez goes around insulting Condoleeza, Bush, the supposed “American Empire,” and Tony Blair with such beautiful words that I will not repeat, because I am a lady. So, with what political or moral authority does he have to complain against people who criticize him? He, himself, uses his freedom of speech to the max, and I might add in very offensive ways. Chavez called Jose Maria Aznar (former prime minister of Spain) not only a fascist, but a serpent. That’s just bad conduct because the king of Spain and the chief of the Spanish government were both present and Chavez knew it. I would think that a head of state would have better manners. First of all, Aznar was not even present to defend himself, and now he doesn’t even have political power. Thus, if Chavez has some sort of antipathy against Aznar, let him speak about that in other more appropriate forums, not there!
            After his little serpent comment, Chavez continues to bash and attack the Spanish state, king and the government when he insists on a thesis that is unfounded, saying that Spain supported the coup d’etat against him on April of 2002. It was kind of funny, because Chavez presented himself as an icon of democracy, a poor victim, saying that the revolt was an attempt against Venezuelan democracy. Paradoxically, Chavez was imprisoned for causing a coup in 1992. Venezuela’s president back then was Carlos Andres Perez, a legitimate president, since he had been elected by the people of Venezuela when it was still a democracy. This means that Chavez attempted against democracy in 1992 with his gangster buddies. (This left 90 dead in Caracas.) So, I ask, how can he have the nerve to talk? With what right does can he accuse others of being coup participants? In reality the 2002 “coup” was an attempt to re-establish democracy. While Chavez reached the presidency in a democratic manner, he then proceeds to corrupt it, and end the same democracy that got him into power, turning it into the tropical dictatorship that it is today…  So this 2002 incident that Chavez dubs a coup d’etat is not really a coup, in any case, it is an anti-coup that deserves the support of other world democracies which do not want Venezuela to be this picturesque tyranny, but an actual (and true) democracy.
            But back to the summit, Zapatero replied after hearing Chavez’s insults. I think he spoke nicely, with the eloquence and tone of a true statesman, which led to the chain of events that made the Spanish king exclaim his sweet words to my ears. Chavez kept on interrupting Zapatero, even after he had exhausted his turn to address the room. While I’m not a big Zapatero fan because I don’t share his Socialist views, I loved his demeanor. He asked Bachelet (Chilean President and host) for a chance to hold the word, turned to Chavez and calmly told him that in a place filled with presidents of democracies, he demanded respect for Aznar, even if he opposed his political ideologies, because Aznar had been a representative of the Spanish state and elected by the citizens of Spain. Zapatero attempted to get another sentence out, but Chavez would not stop talking over him. Juan Carlos II leans forward and looks at Chavez, but then reclines back in his seat, as Zapatero tries to finish the sentence he’s started an hour ago. However, the Venezuelan monkey does not take a hint. He continues to interrupt! And then- LONG LIVE THE KING! Juan Carlos leans forward and shouts, “Porque no te callas?!” (Why don’t you shut up?) That was celestial music to my ears!
            Ha! Why don’t you shut up? The words were so spontaneous, they came out of the king’s guts. It was so heartfelt. I loved it! Most people are nauseated by Chavez, but the poor king had to be sitting there listening to this moron, probably wishing that he was sailing in Majorca. But then to add insult to the injury the Venezuelan idiot decides to insult Spain. The king was right to put Chavez in his place. Zapatero was very diplomatic towards Chavez, who would not stop being insulting and interrupting.
            And after the SHHH incident, Zapatero gave Chavez a wonderful little lecture on manners. It was pretty long but in a nutshell, he said that while one may radically disagree, we must still respect others if we want to later demand respect. And then the entire room applauded in agreement with Zapatero (I clapped too). Well, everyone except Chavez, Evo Morales and the rest of his three stooges. How embarrassing for Chavez!!! But to be fair the stupid tropical tyrant brought it upon himself.
            Then the stupid mob mentality kicked in and Daniel Ortega (the Nicaraguan dick-tator) decided to attack Spain along with the shriveled up Carlos Lage (Cuban vice-president and chief ass kisser). Ortega complained that Spain had spoken twice in the summit and that he had only spoken once. To put the icing on the cake Ortega says that Spain was trying to infiltrate in the Nicaraguan elections so that he would not win the presidency. Suddenly, the Spanish king gets up and leaves the room. That was hilarious! It was the first time that the king broke protocol, and I say good job! He left Ortega with the words in his mouth! HA! I’m pretty sure that the king and the Spanish government have better things to do than trying to infiltrate in meaningless dictatorships and third world countries. Give me a break! I doubt that the king makes insignificant decisions regarding outside politics. That corresponds to the parliament, prime minister or the chief of state. The king is there for protocol, for diplomatic functions, to travel, to make friends and get along with everyone (except Chavez). The only dumbass who has managed to become enemy of the king is Hugo Chavez. That I know of, no one else, because the king seems like a laid back gentleman who just wants to have some drinks, sail and look at the pretty girls, that’s why he is king. But now, Chavez accuses the king of being a rebel. That’s the silliest, most idiotic thought ever. What a loser! I can’t imagine the king in Madrid, hiding in a windowless room, wearing a Che Guevarra cap, conspiring and saying “Down with Hugo Chavez!” Can you? I don't know, but there a possibility that the king has more important things to do. You know, like scratch his ass or pick his nose. OLE!

Porque no te callas?
palin speech by lupinskitty
FINALLY! Someone tells Hugo Chavez to shut the hell up. HA, I was not too big on Spain and I didn't like the monarchy all that much, but after what Juan Carlos II of Spain shouted at Chavez, I have changed my mind. I love Spain and long live the king!!!

I just want to scream!!!
palin victory by lupinskitty

A couple of nights ago, I had my TV on, but was halfway asleep, until I heard the Strawberry Fields song on TV. I had no idea what was going, so I open my eyes, because HELLO, anything Beatles will wake me up. They are announcing some movie about a young couple in the 60s, BUT it is a musical (I effing love muscicals). The best part is that it uses the BEATLES' music. I was like in double HEAVEN. I think I jumped on my bed like I was four years old again. I'm so excited!!! Can't wait to watch it!...

And while I have abandoned this thing somewhat, I just had to write about this!... Ok, I'm off to gulp down some food and excite over Across The Universe

call me joe
You know what, I can be a bitch if you strike me the wrong way. I'm usually nice to people, perhaps too nice. And people tend to confuse nice-ness with meekness/dumbness or that they could play me for a fool. But no, if you annoy me in any way, shape or form, I'll let you know. I'm not going to put up with people's nuisances anymore. You either take it or leave it. And for the record if you want to leave it, you have the choice of me giving you my middle finger or uttering a simple "fuck you."

That is all for now.

Thank you!

call me joe
What an EFFING day! I’m uber stressed because of finals.GRRR! Since I’m ADD, I decided to go to the Hialeah public library to study with my sister. If I stayed home, nothing would have gotten done, because I’ll just start doing other, more fun stuff. So anyways, I’m in the library with my study material, inhaling the precious silence of the second story. All of the sudden I hear tiny voices. Not the ones in my head though. They had really cute kids from a nearby school singing Christmas carols in the first story. I’m thinking “how cute,” and wait until they are finished singing their Fa la la la las, then clap, so I can get back to my memorizing. Oh, but that’s not all, then they sing Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell Rock, Frosty the Snowman, the motherfucking TWELVE days of Christmas, Rudolph the damn red nosed reindeer and every other holiday song invented by humankind! So I’m going nuts and trying to concentrate, but it didn’t work. More than an hour later, just when I’m getting used to the noise, they stop, and come up to the SECOND story! As cute as they were, I wanted to choke all of them and their blonde little teacher who sang along with them? Whose bright idea was it to take singing kids to a quiet zone!?! I was losing it, so I left super pissed and irritated. What a was te of time! I hate kids!

All they hear is blah blah blah...
call me joe

Hmmm… So I don’t know what is up with Latin Americans. We have Michelle Bachelet in Chile, Lula Da Silva in Brazil, Morales in Bolivia. The Ecuadorians voted a socialist, the Nicaraguans re-elected Ortega. You have a bunch of retards in Mexico saying that the “real” president is Manuel Lopez Obrador and for our cherry on top of it all, Chavez is re-elected in Venezuela tonight! I guess people like to be fooled by communist/socialist tyrants.

they HAVE to be twins!!!
McCain/Palin close up by lupinskitty
ok my peeps, if you ever get super duper bored and have nothing, and i mean NOTHING to do, head on over to cwsfl.com. once there, find the look alike galleries. they are hilarious! every bald dude claims to look like lex from smallville, every asian chick "looks" like lana. i had good laughs.

does this guy look like simon from 7th heaven?? he claims he does...

do these girls look like lana from smallville??

these are two example of girls who "look" like brooke from one tree hill.

this one is "haley" from one tree hill...

the ones above "look" like peyton from one tree hill...

this guy is supposed to be clark on smallville!

the dude above is lucas on one tree hill...

hmmmm... people are just so odd...
but anyway, hope everyone has a  happy gobble gobble day!

There should be a Target in Hialeah...
call me joe
we're going to puerto rico for x-mas break. i hate airplanes! 
hmm... veronica mars is gonna be awesome next week...
why is it so damn cold?
i'm freezing my ass  off!
but i can't wait until thursday!
i'm gonna eat a lot.  i love thanksgiving and the holidays.
i wonder where i'm going to shop at friday morning?
i love target, but it's pretty far...

Let me do your eye make-up!
call me joe

First things first, I’m sick of the big deal people are making of Tom and Katie. No one gives a crap. Or at least, I think they are both losers. Second thing, I’m happy that we’re finally starting to get cold weather! YAY! And forget anything I’ve said before; I love Pity more than any boss I’ve had before! She invited me to the Caiman thing on Dec. the 16th. I’m super excited about that.  I went to see the girls at Caiman yesterday, since it was Stitch’s 20th birthday. I had a lot of fun. I miss them. At night I went to a concert with my sister, Chris, Cely, Miriam, Jacqui, Kathy. It was pretty cool. Becky and Ralph were there too. After we went to Denny’s. We had a good time, and I think our waiter was high on something.


This morning, I gave my dog Hannah a bath. She smells really good and is allowed to sleep on my bed once again. As for now, my head hurts a bit, but I’m really happy.  I’ve rediscovered the awesomeness of Coldplay… And I voted for Charlie Christ last elections, so I’m glad that he won… Oh, and I already did my spring semester schedule. I'll post it later if I remember. ‘Tis all for now…

So many Arabic terms... So Little time...
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my last day as a caimanite was sept. 28...
i've kept my promise and had lunch with gretchen for the past 2 fridays...
had a midterm on last monday and friday...
veronica mars season premiere rocked...
did the teacher application thing on thursday...
i love downtown...
i'm super thrilled about the carnival center for the performing arts. i have wanted one of those ever since i moved to miami...
my show on sunday...
have my darfur presentation this monday...
i wish i remembered the name of the sudanese journalist who spoke to us...
have to go to m-dps teacher thing in downtown on tuesday...
must go to my cousin's house on tuesday for her birthday...
i can't wait to watch "one night with the king" on friday...

...please, i urge you, do not waste $1.99 on the ice breakers center ice raspberry peppermint splash. they taste like shit!!!

MUST get to work NOW...

Die you skinny bitch!
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I effing love candles.  In the past week, I have made three large candles, I’m working on the fourth one now... hmm? 2mm is Martha’s b-day and her last day at work. I’m not happy about that. She will be missed. Thank god that I still have Gretchen, Frances and stitch to keep me sane in the hell hole that is caiman. (but if you need a book purchase it at us.caiman.com!).  So yeah, my stupid ear got infected, not happy about that.  My stupid boss gave me her mail today, with a credit card they sent her. I gave it back to her. Instead I should have activated it and spent like a crazy biotch under Maria P. Sanchez’s name. Damn the honesty! A lot of crappy things have happened, but I’m still happy for some odd reason. I’m just glad that I can move my arms like a snake! On another note, my nails are super long. Oh and there is baby lizard in my room.  It's oogly as fuck!  So I saw it chilling this morning all calm and I got pissed.  It's my room! What the hell is it doing here!?! So I just put a CD container on it.  The point is to kill that skinny bitch, slowly.  I want to suffocate it.  That way I don't have to touch it and it will be a sign to all his fellow lizards that are yet to come to my bedroom.

Rabboussamai fikarrajaii
Fi ainaiha aralhayati
Ati ilaika min haza lkaaouni
Arjouka labbi labbi nidai

It's been ages, but still...
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Dear You-Know-Who,
Everybody has imperfections, and I was not attempting to make you flawless.  I make a lot of mistakes and it would be hypocritical if I did.  I am stubborn, but you can’t accuse me of being condescending, because that would just be a lie.  But then again, lying is something you know how to do very well.  You can’t ever say that I did not give you chances.  You know that I did.  But you still repeated the same mistake one time, two times, three and on and on.  Even though I saw what we had as a huge commitment, I could not and would not keep up with your lies, because it hurt me.  I do not tolerate lies.  I hope you understand that I could not give you another chance… 

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I don't know if it's because I'm Puerto Rican, but I'm so into this damn pageant... Both Venezuela and Puerto Rico were at a tie with four crowns... And now we have five! And we are such a teeny weeny island in  comparison...It's no wonder people hate...

I wish I could have been there...

The tie is over!   We have five Miss Universes!! We WON!!! 


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Today is Sunday...

Yes I was jealous. I guess I was jealous...
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i can officially say that i'm on vacation... i don't have to be at caiman until july 24. i don't have to see pity's or didier's face for more than a week. YES! YES!! YES!! no more eBay, no more Amazon or Half.com!!! i swear, all i want to do is sleep and stay in bed and be the laziest person i can be... my ear feels so much better too. before it would hurt for no reason. now it only hurts when i touch it. yesterday i was able to turn it all around. 

:::sighs a happy, relaxed, good sigh:::

BOo HOo HOo Bitch
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so mind you, today i get to work. i greet my boss, who was all smiles with me. i get in and stitch tells me that pity looks really aggravated, but i know she's bi-polar so wuteva. i make sure that i do more than 200 e-mails so she won't get pissed, i even did all the spanish e-mails for amazon and e-bay, i packed jewel cases with stitch, i helped martha with every damn international return she brings me, i verify orders for tere, do the amazon items that are listed in error and the stupid ebay payment validations. i try doing all this crap super early, because i had to leave early. my dog has a really messed up paw and i had to take her to the vet. she has no hair there and it's all red and bruised and her skin is broken and swollen. so mind you, everyone there leaves and early when they come early, since gretchen asked her if we could do that once and she said it was allowed. so me, the dumbass, like a responsible retard, ask her if i could leave early, because "is my boss." she tells me that "we" think that we work for disney and that we do whatever we feel like doing. i got so pissed that i swear i wanted to cry, but i didn't because i don't do crying in front of people. so then she tells me that she wasn't there "para criar" or something like that, she meant to say that i was a "mal criada," because of the face that i made.  i know that i probably did give her a face because i do that a lot, sometimes it just comes out. and i know that's not right because she's my boss, so i have to work on that. she told me to go look into her bathroom mirror so that i could see my angry face or whatever, and then she searched on the e-mail report to see how many we had left and we had like 600 left. whatever. i was so angry. i told her that i had not planned to leave early and when she told me that i did whatever the hell i wanted there, i told her that why i was asking her, and that if she said no, i wasn't gonna leave. thus, i'm not doing whatever i want. so she looks at me and tells me "yes you can leave" but she was kinda saying it so that i would not, but i dipped. i hate the way that she talks to people or treats them or even talks about them behind their back and then is always talking about respect and being nice and professional. whatever, from now on i'll respect her and only address her like my boss. our "relationship" is dead to me now. it sucks that she pretends to care and that we actually liked her. she's not "caiman mom" anymore. i know she's my boss and i don't expect her to be my friend or to even like me, but at least to be reasonable, and i'm not just talking about this. but whatever, i got over her when i took my doggy to the vet. i felt so bad. they injected her with an anti-biotic and a medicine for inflammation. they gave her the shot right in the wound.  she started crying and it looked so painful. my mom and i had to hold her. the vet bandaged her paw. she looks so cute. she's limping all over the house and has sad expression on her face. AWW! i love my dog! another thing that pissed me off is that we had found an awesome apartment for my aunt and my cousins and they were supposed to move into it on sunday. well the retards called today to say that it is not rentable anymore and gave some stupid excuse about the plumbing. i really do fucking hate people. people are selfish and they piss me off. so now we have to find them a home soon. i can so see the way that i'm going to spend my vacation: taking care of them, giving them rides and looking for an apartment. FUCK! i'm so tired. physically tired and emotionally too and you it shows. last summer was the most stressing summer ever and i see this one ending up like last summer. i want to slow down, but i effing can't. i want them out of my damn room!  i want my life back!!! (pre-last summer) my parenst always raised me right. i don't understand why i have to pay for someone else's mistakes. people are right, life is a bitch, life is unfair... and now i'm starving because there is nothing to eat. they've eaten it ALL and i hate their damn vegetarian diet, or that we have to alter our lives to make fit theirs!!!  but whatever, one must not focus on the negative... my dad came from california today. i got happy. my dad  truly is the coolest. we might go to cali. i hope my mom says yes. he brought us a bunch of cool, random stuff: the cutest gold bracelet, shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, the aromathic ones that i like, and the coolest paper clips and "twirl pad." i know that i'm way too excited about office supplies, but this is one cool colorful note pad that twirls...

you can't tell me that this notepad is not bad ass...

hannah's bandaged paw...

Damn it, mi oreja...
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hmmm... my ear hurts...
i'm waiting for michael and he's taking forever...
that's pissing me off...
my cousins came yesterday from ocala...
they are going to live here...
my dog has a sick paw...
pity is always grabbing my hair and she raced me today...
stupid soap in univision is pissing me off...
where the hell is my mom?...
i'm bored...
i was reading my entries from 2004, and i thought i didn't,
but i kinda of miss certain things of senior year...
life was simpler back then....
where is my boyfriend damn it????
i'm still waiting for him to come along...
it's raining so much...

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so today i decided to try something new, because i was bored at work and blah blah blah.  lucky for me that i work with stitch, who has like 30 million piercings and tatoos.  i decided to get my ear pierced. it was cool, since i had never done it before. i got nervous, but it didn't hurt as much as i thought it would when the dude stuck the two needles through my ear. it actually hurts a lot more now, it's throbbing.  but it's not unbearable. i'm thinking about going back in a bit to get more piercings. i just want three more and that's it. i'm not like piercing crazy. anyways, here is the end result.  my ear is still red...

Fat Free, Generic Chocolate Pudding
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so i am minding my own business, eating my puddding and watching the closing ceremony for the fifa. i am so Wow-ed, because they are all singing in english or spanish. spanish is so important.  it's so cool.  i don't know why anyone would deny their kids the ability to speak spanish.  and let me tell  you, i have met a lot of "i want to be more anglo american than the anglo americans" hispanics. and god, everyone can see through them. they look so absurd. back to my point, it's such an awesome advantage to be bilingual and able to speak these really super duper important languages.  I wonder who is going to win??? oh my god, gotta go, shakira is on... 

Ha, it's the silhouetto of a man
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so yeah, now i'm writing, because someone is showering and i really have to pee... hmm, maybe writing will help me take my mind off it. my new number is 786-314-5698, call me... so yeah, i'm watching the news in espanol, i thought they were supposed to be "local" as in miami news, but they are more about cuba than miami. that's getting on my nerves... also, the anchorchick's blazer is too loose.  it's making me irritable... so anyways, i was thinking that i'm sick of pink. the color, not the singer. although i don't particularly like the singer, except for her "stupid girls" song. she's right avril lavigne is gay. hmmm, still the unknown family member is in the shower.  the girls are coming tomorrow. i wonder how we are going to live? why are the stupid people in pamplona letting angry bulls chase them?... people are so dumb. talking about dumb people, i had a confrontation with some stupid bitch in international mall. all because she was too rude and wanted me to move from the necklaces section so that she could look at them. but i was there first, so i said "nay" and kept my cool and did not budge. she had to leave pissed. i wonder why people are so damn rude? it pisses me off. but the mall was ok. i went with gretchen and stitch. we bought "balls" and other accessories. i got mustard yellow "balls." i like having weird color necklaces. today was my mom's birthday. in the morning we woke up and gave her a $50 gift certificate to home depot, because she's all into home remodeling. we gave her a really cute oversized white purse, which i loved, a cute tank top and a cute brown vest thingy.  it kind of sucked that i didn't get to spend time with her because i had to go to work. but she went with dad and raisa to the titanic thing at the planetarium and they took her to eat. i really wanted  to go :( my boss, pity, let us leave early, but not early enough to get there.  hmmm... these 2 anchor people are flirting too much. i think only i notice these things, but they are all over each other in a journalistic kind of way... i'm sooo onto them... christ, i really have to pee... but wuteva, for some reason i'm super excited about the italy vs france game. i don't even go crazy for soccer but i love the fifa world cup. i watch it religiously every year. sometimes i want italy to win, because i've always been obsessed with italy, but at the same time my boss is french, so i'd like the french to win too... actually, scratch that, i'm not crazy about the french.

"So you think you can love me and leave me to die... "

Welcome to the randomness
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i'm toying with the idea of changing my major again for like the millionth time.  as i'm thinking about this, it kinda worries me that i can't stick to ONE damn thing. seriously, there's so many things that i love... like one day i want to be a mexican journalist, or a dutch artist, or an american business woman, or an italian magazine writer... whatever... 
another thing that worries me is that i used to read, non-school material. i used to love reading. now i don't ever have time and it annoys the crap out of me.  i feel like my brain is slowly self-destroying. but at least i still hate MTV. 
i never make sense, but anna sui, seriously freaks me out, even more than bjork. i've also started to notice that my boss might be correct.  she stated that sometimes i give her attitude and sometimes i'm all smiles with her. we have a love-hate relationship. but lately i've noticed that i have a love-hate relationship with everyone. pity might be right about my bi-polarness. it's funny because i hate people. i used to be super into a people, definitely a people person. but then i started working at caiman, and let me tell you, these customers are terrible. the funny thing is that i'm not like depressed or anything like that. i usually have a pretty positive attitude about life, but not people. 
damn it, i have to stop writing because it's super HOT. my damn a/c broke, so as you can imagine, i'm literally dying...

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all i want to do is go to mexico city so i can watch the spanish version of cabaret, because my favorite spanish actress is going to be sally bowles. mom wants to go somewhere else.  why? i have it all figured out. we leave on friday the 14th and go to the theater of "los insurgentes" and then stay somewhere in mexico city. janoy does not want to go with me. damn him! damn all you anti-mexico people....

I love Broadway Musicals
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i effing love this:

SO i ordered it through amazon. for less than ten bucks i got this and book that contains the script and pictures and more happy stuff. i love liza with a Z!

'tis all....

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i wanted to make a correction regarding my previous journal post. after much thinking i've realized that i love miami.  seriously, i do! it's the people in miami who i can't stand...  actually i just hate people in general... but mostly fake, obnoxious, stupid people...

"Me abrazaria al Diablo sin dudar
Por ver tu cara al escucharme hablar
Eres todo lo que mas quiero..."

call me joe
i hate miami. i seriously do! it pisses me off. i don't want to be here. everyone really is so focused on the outside. i'm sick of all the stupid girls at work talking about getting their tits done and people getting their tits done. get a fucking life, fix your self-esteem issues and grow a brain! don't get me wrong, i'm into fashion and looking "cute", but whatever happened to substance??? if i had money right now i'd be anywhere but here, listening to coldplay, being an anti-social loner and minding my own business. i hate people. i really do. damn it, i wish i was in dublin or london, no  i wish i was in amsterdam! i love the netherlands... i'd be so happy there. i wouldn't have to see anyone i know, or speak to them, or listen to their meaningless conversations and pretend to give a rat's ass. i hate that sometimes i just want to tell people to shut the hell up, but can't because i'll feel bad afterwards.  i hate that people are so stupid here. i hate that they are such snobs! i hate that they think rasputin is a cartoon and that european history and classical music are not "cool." i hate that nobody seems capable of holding an interesting conversation. whatever, my ranting is over, nothing is going to change...

...oh and one more thing, i'm sick of all the ghe-TOE and pop music! it makes my brain have tiny seizures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a long time ago, we used to be friends
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i just finished watching the season finale of veronica mars! it was sooo awesome and unexpected!! i love that damn show!!! i can't wait for the next season to start!!!! i'm soooooo excited!!!!!

changing the subject, everyone at work is being such bitches.  seriously, people and their mood swings are annoying the crap out of me...

but whatever, that's life... yesterday summer school started and i didn't go, because for some reason i swore that it would begin on the 28th.  i missed one damn  day! but i went today after changing my schedule like a million times.  i have physiology and a criminal justice class on the origins and causes of crimes.  it seems pretty interesting and deals a lot with psychology and sociology. i love all that stuff!

[D [] @ []\[] @
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  • i might not be an illegal immigrant, but i supported the cause.  even though i went to work, i didn't buy anything today that includes lunch. 
  • today was claudia's first day as supervisor. she's nice...
  • gretchen makes me believe that pity is black
  • i, finally, don't have to worry about school for the next 22 days!
  • i only have 2 classes for summer school.
  • i'm so happy that i don't have to quit my job.
  •  I am heaven sent. Don't you dare forget. I am all you've ever wanted, what the other girls all promised. Sorry I told, I just needed you to know.

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Why Paul Mitchell? Just tell me why your Cosmetology School is so expensive? 
Why are you forcing me to go into the crappy make-up program at Miami-Dade?
 Why, if I don't want to go? Why can't you be more accesible to the poor folk in Miami? 

:::whines::: Why are you so mean?:::whines:::

Why isn't Sarah Brightman making me feel better?

Someone answer me!!!

:::Falls off the bed and dies:::

schedule-to get through the week
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Sunday Night: finish definitons, study for lipartito AND WHATEVER ELSE IS POSSIBLE
Monday Night: Do essay for Luscysnska and study for her test
Tuesday Night: do watson essay and study for lipartito
Wednesday Night: do kahan essays
Thursday Night: start lipartito essay and study for phillips

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I haven't written in this thing in forever.  It's weird to think that people still write, but kinda cool at the same time.  Changing the subject, my day today was odd.  I was supposed to study and do my 30 page paper.  Instead, I did what I do best and procrastinated.  My cousins came down from Ocala.  I was super happy that they would be here.  I always have so much fun with them.  We went to South Beach and we had tons of fun.  The water was great and the sun was good. I loved being there with my girls and mom and then we got home an ate like pigs.  I love Little Ceaser's pizza.  It's cheap and it taste so damn good!  But now, the best part, more procrastination.  My cousins, sister and I having a sleepover and watching the first season of Veronica Mars.  I love this effing show!!! 

Pics of my sister and I at the South Beach today.

My Schedule Bitches!!!
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Monday & Wednesday

1. EUH 2021 West Civ: Med/Mod
Engineering & Computer Science Room 135
9:30AM - 10:45AM
Instructor: Joseph Patrouch

2. SYD 3810 Sociology Of Gender
Chemistry & Physics Room 151
11:00AM - 12:15PM
Instructor: Lois West

Tuesday & Thursday

3. STA 2122 Intro To Stat I
Primera Casa Room 241
9:30AM - 10:45AM
Instructor: Noel Zuniga

4. ENG 2012 Approaches To Lit
Engineering & Computer Science Room 136
12:30PM - 1:45PM
Instructor: Carmen Arostegui

5. SYG 2000 Intro Sociology
Deuxieme Maison Room 100
2:00PM - 3:15PM
Instructor: Chris Girard


I'm now double majoring in Journalism and Psychology!

i've been lost from the LJ world...
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the kelly clarkson concert rocked yesterday! (thursday). she's such a great singer. she dressed up like a bride, it was cool... i love the effing new hard rock!

a lot has happened. my cousins are now living with me, and we spent 4th of july together (bu). i started working with caiman on june 24th. i got my first ever paycheck this past tuesday, it felt good. it's been cool and at the same time hectic.

Something inside my stomach is grrrowling
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I had an odd weekend, but I really liked it. My baby cousin spent the weekend here because his parents are vacationing in Colombia. I love babies! Carlitos is so cute, even though he puked chocolate milk all over my bed. It still stinks of rancid cheese mixed with something else. But he really is great. I want my babies to be just like him; friendly, smiley, cute, quiet, calm and independent (he likes feeding himself, lol).

On Sunday Janoy, Ryan and I went out for my birthday (it’s on Thursday). I had a blast. We watched Madagascar. I was skeptical about the movie at first, but I thought it was funny as hell when I watched it. Then we took Ryan home and had Taco Bell. It was good bonding with Janoy it'd been a while. I can honestly say that everything between us is still the same, nothing has changed. I love it!

The only thing that I didn't like about my weekend was that Puerto Rico didn't win Miss Universe. I think she deserved it, Canada had pretty blue eyes and they looked nice with her black hair, but her nose is horrible, but then again I am biased. They were both pretty but Puerto Rico should have won. I just wanted to beat Venezuela, which thank God we did! We are almost there, being the country with the most Miss Universes, and it's such a tiny island!...  I was happy that out of the 10 finalists 5 were Hispanic, and then out of the top 5, 4 were Hispanics.... Me and my Latin pride...

As for now, I must bid thee farewell, time for the gym... 


 (My baby cousin)


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