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Let me do your eye make-up!
call me joe

First things first, I’m sick of the big deal people are making of Tom and Katie. No one gives a crap. Or at least, I think they are both losers. Second thing, I’m happy that we’re finally starting to get cold weather! YAY! And forget anything I’ve said before; I love Pity more than any boss I’ve had before! She invited me to the Caiman thing on Dec. the 16th. I’m super excited about that.  I went to see the girls at Caiman yesterday, since it was Stitch’s 20th birthday. I had a lot of fun. I miss them. At night I went to a concert with my sister, Chris, Cely, Miriam, Jacqui, Kathy. It was pretty cool. Becky and Ralph were there too. After we went to Denny’s. We had a good time, and I think our waiter was high on something.


This morning, I gave my dog Hannah a bath. She smells really good and is allowed to sleep on my bed once again. As for now, my head hurts a bit, but I’m really happy.  I’ve rediscovered the awesomeness of Coldplay… And I voted for Charlie Christ last elections, so I’m glad that he won… Oh, and I already did my spring semester schedule. I'll post it later if I remember. ‘Tis all for now…


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