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Alaska anyone?
palin approves by xperfectlysane
I wasn't sure who I was going to vote for (dislike Obama and not too nuts 'bout McCain) before. But now... I have been enlightened.

I <3 (heart) Sarah Palin!!!

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What is it about Palin that you like? Here are my arguments against this choice:

1. I don't believe she has the necessary experience to be our Vice President. She is a first term governor for the fourth SMALLEST state in the United States (pop. 670,000). Before that position, she was mayor of Wasilla, AK (pop. 8,000). I don't buy the argument that she has more experience than Obama because of her executive power as a governor (because than technically she's more powerful than McCain and is that a valid argument? Obama, while a first term senator, has been a state legislator since 1996.

2. She is pro-life. She is anti-gay rights. I completely understand if we share different thoughts on these matters, but I personally think that is a step in the wrong direction for our country.

3. This is such a transparent attempt to pander to disaffected Hillary supporters. Do you think she would have been chosen if she was not a woman? And fine, let's say I understand why he wanted to surprise everyone and pick a female for his VP pick. But why didn't he choose another woman who was more experienced? There were people like Olympia Snowe or Kay Hutchison. This is such a disrespect to the office of the presidency and quite frankly, a disregard for the wealth fare of our country. McCain made what was basically is a shiny, superficial choice. It makes for good press but nothing more.

4. There's the 'heartbeat away' argument and I think it's valid. McCain just turned 72 years old and he's a cancer survivor. Heaven forbid something happens to this man a year or two into his presidency. You're telling me Palin, who is less than two years into her term as governor, would be ready to lead our country, which has almost 300 million people?

5. She has ZERO foreign policy experience. In a time when we're dealing with an unpopular war, Iran, trouble with Russia and Georgia, she'll know how to best handle matters? I don't believe so. Joe Biden, Obama's VP choice, is the current chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. I think Obama chose Biden because he knew Biden would add experience to his ticket in matters such as foreign policy. What exactly does Palin add to McCain's ticket?

I'm sorry, I'm just so floored by McCain's decision. I think it's downright dangerous, and I fear people will not look past this woman's story of a working mom with five children who likes to call herself a hockey mom. I don't need a hockey mom running our country. I need a ticket that is looking at our economy, health care and other issues. She herself has been quoted as saying she's not quite sure what a VP does.

She and McCain met only ONCE before he chose her. I just don't get it. Sorry. I don't mean to offend. I'm simply confused, and scared that this woman may be our president in the next four years.

Q: What is it about Palin that you like?

This is, by far, the biggest stroke of genius to come from the McCain Campaign yet. I'm thoroughly stoked!

i had no idea that she would be on the ticket. i first read something about her almost two years ago, and ever since i think she is amazing.

Yeah, missbabyblue introduced me to her a while back and I was like, "Wow, she's cool." and that was it. So when I saw her on the ticket, I was like, holy God! Hahaha...

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