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I am not an izquierdista, but I am a periodista.
palin pin by chambodia
So the crazy left wing extremists decided to hack into Palin's e-mail... It backfired, because these retards wanted to prove a point by hacking into her e-mail, but the only point they proved is that they are nuts. It's kinda funny, the things that people do when they are desperate for attention. People are really pissed because McCain and Palin are going to win. I am so certain of that, even moreso than in 2004  when I voted for Bush (and would do it 20 million times again).

My dad is always telling us "que la lata vacia hace mas ruido" (The empty can makes more noise). He says that when you have any can that's entirely full of something, when you shake it, it doesn't make noise. But when you have a half empty can, when you shake it, you hear a noise. He says that's why one usually hears the Liberals causing raucous and what not, but in the end, they never win. And I must add, my father is a very smart man, he went from Democrat, to Independent, and then he saw the light and became a Republican... 

Oh, and I am super excited about campaigning for McCain/Palin! I start after the 29th of September. Woo hoo!!! And for now, I must stop writing since because of Jimmy Kimmel, I can't stop laughing.


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