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My Central Florida/Sarah Palin Weekend
palin victory by lupinskitty
Last weekend rocked my socks! Not only was it a coolio road trip (LOVE road trips!), I bonded with the baby sister and I got to see Sarah Palin.

Saturday, Sept 20th

Leaving the house (Raisa and I)


in orlando

our hotel

My favorite things in the world: food and a big TV (and republicans later on)

Sunday, Sept 21st

Leaving the hotel

at the villages

happy that i don't have to be a demoncrat

i loved this damn sign so much!!!

sarah palin when she first appeared

todd after her

that screen thingy





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ty so much!

i will probably write an entry on this later when i have time. but let me tell you that it was amazing! i recommend you to go to one. she spent like 45 minutes or more walking around after her speech signing stuff because she wanted to sign everyone's things. she went through the hall of people and when she finished the entire rows, she went back because some people started screaming for her and she had not been able to sign everyone's things. she was super cool.

i'm gonna take a picture of my banner and post it up sometime. it was signed by sarah and her hottie husband.


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