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Why do random people always talk to me?
palin speech by lupinskitty

I saw this on a person's icon and thought it was incredibly creepy from how 110% accurate it was:

Liberals: We love America! (But only if we are in charge)

Liberals: We love diversity! (Unless you're different than us)

Liberals: We are tolerant! (Unless you think differently than we do)

Liberals: We support all women! (But only if they are liberal)

I have always thought this. Liberals are supposed to be so open minded and well, LIBERAL, but all the ones I have spoken to can't handle someone not thinking just like them. I also think it's funny how they demand to know why one votes for their choice. I have never asked anyone to defend their voting choice. Despite my "closed, un-intellectual, Republican mind," I can open it just a teeny wee bit, to understand that one is free to vote for whoever one wants, because that's just the beauty of the U.S. of A.

Obama is so full of it. I can't believe that I was once unsure about who to vote for... I am ashamed of that. He just makes me sick, not because I am not voting for him, it's actually because I see him too much. I'm literally sick of seeing his face. I think I need an election vacation.

The funny thing is that I wasn't convinced to vote McCain by the Republicans, I was actually just turned off by the liberals and the way that they are. This is not politics, I am talking about them, they are so ANNOYING. All the ones that I have come accross with thus far. Everytime they talk (I never argue, I hate that!), I just nod and smile and secretly wish they'd shut the F*ck off. I know I seem rude here because it's where I vent, but I could never be rude to a person.

Changing the subject, I am back from Sonfest. It was amazing that my quizteam won first place. We beat Living Word and they are hard to beat. I was so excited, because we had prepared since May. Also, because it is my first year coaching and teaching. I took my kids to victory pizza today and gave them their gifts. Stephy couldn't go and I wish she had. We also won first place in the drama. It was great. The hotel was pretty nice too. It was in Cocoa Beach. I roomed with Raisa, Natali and Stephanie. We ate a lot, went to Ron Jon, bowled, did the midnight beach walk and just bonded. I liked it... I took a picture by a huge McCain/Palin sign that I saw on the way. It was HUGE! (Taller than I am!) I will also add that I officially LOVE Sarah Palin too much for my own good. She's taped on my walls, is my desktop background, is pinned to my tote, has her name on my shirt, I collect her magazine/newspaper stories and I record most of her television appearances and news about her... But I can't help it, the woman rocks!

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I know what you mean. I think a lot of people on the left feel entitled because they assume EVERYONE wants a democrat to be elected due to the current economic state and Bush's low approval rating. It IS annoying because a lot of them do not pocess the tolerance they advocate.

yes, it is annoying and it FINALLY got to me.

If Sarah Palin were Obama's VP candidate, I would not support Obama. I don't disagree with everything John McCain stands for. I would vote for McCain. I will never vote for Sarah Palin. It's not about party lines. It's about the candidates.

I was saddened by your response a few weeks back to my comment on one of your posts. I am heavily biased, fine. But I gave you some points that I, as an individual, felt strongly about. Your response? Nothing of substance, except that you love everything about Sarah Palin.

I'm liberal. And I encourage our differences in terms of political affiliation. We come from such different backgrounds, and we've both accomplished so much since the days of Hialeah High. But when you stereotype me, you stereotype yourself. Why don't you take a step back and embrace the fact that politics is about accountability. If there were no criticisms about Obama, Palin, Biden or McCain, where would we be?

barbie, that is the beauty of america: you can vote for anyone you choose to. i do agree that it is about the candidates and not about party lines. that's precisely why i would never vote for obama. (but we all know i go crazy for the clintons!)

i am sorry that you were sad. it certainly was not my intention. i think you asked me what i liked about palin or something like that. i gave you a valid answer, because i do like everything about her (well, except one thing, so i take the "everything" back). if you wanted me to read those points (that you feel very strongly about), i might not have replied on them, but i promise you that i did read them. while i only agree with one point, they are valid. they are not correct in my eyes, but they are in yours, so we can agree to disagree.

i am a conservative (i thought i was a moderate!) and i do encourage differences, which is precisely why i wrote this post. i am tired of being questioned by people. i am not stereotyping. a stereotype is a simplified conception, and this is my reality. notice that i don't write all liberals, i write "all the ones i have spoken to" and "all the ones that i have come across with thus far." in my case the truth would be that ALL the liberals that i have talked to have somehow either demanded that i give them reasons why i vote for who i vote, why i like the candidates i pick, defend my voting choice, or debate with them (sometimes all four). to me, that is VERY annoying, as i posted in the blog.

i embrace the fact that politics are about choice- personal choice. whether one chooses to vote left, right, up or down, it is their (once again) "choice" and i don't think anyone has a right to be questioning it. that is what this post was about.

lastly, i must say that i am a person of few words. i believe that this is the LONGEST comment i've left in lj history, and it goes to you. i don't want this to be a never ending reply chain, because despite words, i am sure that we will never agree on everything. i am totally fine with that though.

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