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Yes, I was embarrased...
mccain palin by chambodia
ok, so we're chilling in our biscayne bay campus class. biscayne campus, i might add is all... hmmm... democrat. there's this guy, who is like a mixture of ghetto and cubanasazo. so we're debating about politics. there's people who support the obama-biden ticket, others (and by others, i mean 3) who support the mccain-palin ticket. the guy is a republican, so i was happy because it added one more to our little club. he's trying to be all helpful... i wish he would have been less helpful!

one of the obama supporters says that we're such "idiots" because imagine if mccain dies, "that bimbo" palin will be our president. so my helpful republican buddy says:

"i have a worse scenario: imagine obama lives and we get stuck with him for president. he's knows jack and he's a wuss. sarah's tough, she's killed shit before!"

now it makes me laugh, but at the moment i must have turned about every color of the rainbow! but he's hilarious in an embarassing way.

despite his absurdities, there was some truth. at one point he said: "i'd rather have a vice president with little experience, than a president with no experience." that's the quote i want to remember, because it is so factual... i will be using this quote in the future...

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Ha. I'm glad you found a partner who feels like we do. It seems like nowadays and at this point in the election, even places that aren't normally liberal are. :(

I totally agree with his quote about who he'd rather have as president and vice president.

and that is why you rock,my awesome friend!

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