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Not a political analysis, just fun stuff...
at hello by chambodia
Who will be our veep?... Everyone is speculating and I have heard rumors that McCain’s possible V.P. choices are: Romney, wtf? Romney, can we say ewww? (Well, not ewww as in ugly, he is hot! Eww as in “no way!”), some weird dude that I don’t care about, Giuliani (I LOVE him!), or get this, Sarah-Freaking-Awesome-Palin!!! I don’t know if that is true, but I do have to write about it. If that man chooses Sarah Palin, my vote will most DEFINITELY go for McCain, no doubt about it.
I know that he will not choose Palin (it’s still amazing that she’s in the rumors), but I will only vote McCain if he chooses Giuliani (or of course the Palinator)! I will NEVER vote for Obama though.
That woman just had a baby and named him Van Palin after one of her and her husband’s favorite bands: Van Halen. She can’t get any better than that. I love that woman. I started liking her circa Christmas 2006, when the awesome Jake Hagen sent me an article about her becoming the first female governor of Alaska. I have been following her gubernatorial record since then, the good, the bad and the ugly, even the scandals with Ted Stevens and Lyda Green (which was messed up on Palin’s part). I’m not going to lie just because I love her, she’s a bitch. But she does get stuff done, she’s an amazing governor, she’s new, she’s not in that Washington circle, she’s someone I think would improve the ticket. She’s someone I would fully support. How cool would it be if McCain chose this woman? I think I’m fantasizing though. I think that he won’t choose her, for the exact reasons that I do love her. Nobody down here has heard of her… Sandra has soooooo many damn pictures with her from when she went to Alaska. I’m so damn jealous of her. Sandra spent a lot of time with her, and loved her. That’s right, Sandra the liberal extremist loved her! That woman is awesome. I think I will cry if McCain chooses her!


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