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palin approves by xperfectlysane
i've been out of the country for a while. a lot has happened since i last wrote. we have a new president. i'm not going to lie, i would have NEVER in a million years voted for him. i don't agree with his ideology. while i am a republican, there are somethings about the left that appeal to me, but i think obama is too far left for me. however, he is also my president. this is what democracies are all about: sometimes yours win, sometimes they lose. he won fair and square, and if he is who the people chose, i accept that. i am not going to bitch and whine about obama being the president, because that's not like me. i refuse to be like a lot of people were when bush won, disrespecting him, insulting him or saying that they were going to move out of the country (by the way, none of them did).
i was sad by bush's departure though. before i left for vacation, he seemed so down. i kinda wanted to hug him and tell him that he is AMAZING in my eyes. even though i am one of the few people who love bush, i think america (the political minds, not the bunch) will see that he was a good president, with good intentions. but that will take time because no one notices the effects that certain things have in history until time passes (but that's another post)... 
for now, i hope obama is a good leader for this country and i am going to pray for him and this country. so with that said: GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

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I actually liked Bush too! You shouldve seen the inaug. It was sad when he was waving bye from the plane :( But yeah, now we gotta support our new Prez 100%.

So Diana, I havent spoken to you in a gazillion years! Care to tell me where youve been?

Love you always buddy!

thanks darling!
you and i always see eye to eye!
i'm still here, lol.
i think i have the wrong phone number for you...
how's life?

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