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There are days...
call me joe

-If I was a violent person, I'd punch whoever got in my face today.
-I have no car, thanks to the idiot Miami garbage truck drivers...
-I have been trying to be supportive of my president, but it is oh so very hard for me. Why would anyone bow to King Abdullah? And it's not even a slight bow. Damn it! I'm so pissed. For the past two protests, I've decided not to go, at the last minute, because I think of Sasha and Malia. I'd be sad if someone was mean to my father. But he keeps doing these things that just piss me off.
-I'm in my house, with no where to go and all dressed up. I look really cute, if I do say so myself. But I couldn't do this everyday. I know a lot of people who are always dressed up in their houses, without reason. How does that work? I couldn't be like that all th time.
-Sometimes the smarter a person is, the dumber they are.
-How can people not see the truth, when it's right before their face?
-My father is right: "A la gente le gusta, que la engañen." A person can just say the straight out truth and another one lies using pretty talk, fancy words, and sugar coat it, and people in general will choose the liar.
-I don't really care for optimism or pessimism, I prefer being realistic.

-I'm super hungry, but most decent fast foods are still serving breakfast items. I HATE breakfast food with a passion. I can't bear the thought of eating an egg. It's the hen's menstruation!
-I hadn't use the word "hen" since I was like in elementary school...
-I keep looking at my inbox with Sandra Peebles' email from February 26. It took me like a month to write to her the first time. When will we re-new our conversation? I want to, but I'm so lazy.
-NO bitches! I don't want a night with Marco Rubio! I don't care how Republican he is! Let me be!!!!!!!!
-I'm so busy, but don't want to do anything. And the more and more I think about it, the less I want to actually do it.
-I agree with Hobbes, men would live like the beasts...
-I have seen so many good looking men lately.
-I love that Mandarin Chicken Salad from Wendy's. It has awesome palitos and almonds and the best sesame dressing ever!
-I wish I had twin girls just so I can name them Alexandra and Sasha, same name, but still individual enough...
-I should have graduated last december. I'm not taking any classes now, I finished all. I'm the only person, lazy enough, to postpone graduation for no reason.
-I wasn't driving the car, my father was. The truck driver went reverse and hit it. The cop said that he wasn't going "to take sides" because they were conflicting stories. The person going reverse is always at fault. The cars weren't even moved, the evidence was there. It seems to me, that he did "take a side." I'm not afraid to say it, I don't care how rascist it seems. The black cop was partial to the black driver, that's the real rascism. BASTARD!
-While I'm not a Britney fan, I currently love her song "Circus." I often put it on repeat. It's embarrassing!
-Now I have to call my insurance...


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