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It's been ages, but still...
call me joe
Dear You-Know-Who,
Everybody has imperfections, and I was not attempting to make you flawless.  I make a lot of mistakes and it would be hypocritical if I did.  I am stubborn, but you can’t accuse me of being condescending, because that would just be a lie.  But then again, lying is something you know how to do very well.  You can’t ever say that I did not give you chances.  You know that I did.  But you still repeated the same mistake one time, two times, three and on and on.  Even though I saw what we had as a huge commitment, I could not and would not keep up with your lies, because it hurt me.  I do not tolerate lies.  I hope you understand that I could not give you another chance… 

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i hope everythings o.k....

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