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Die you skinny bitch!
call me joe

I effing love candles.  In the past week, I have made three large candles, I’m working on the fourth one now... hmm? 2mm is Martha’s b-day and her last day at work. I’m not happy about that. She will be missed. Thank god that I still have Gretchen, Frances and stitch to keep me sane in the hell hole that is caiman. (but if you need a book purchase it at!).  So yeah, my stupid ear got infected, not happy about that.  My stupid boss gave me her mail today, with a credit card they sent her. I gave it back to her. Instead I should have activated it and spent like a crazy biotch under Maria P. Sanchez’s name. Damn the honesty! A lot of crappy things have happened, but I’m still happy for some odd reason. I’m just glad that I can move my arms like a snake! On another note, my nails are super long. Oh and there is baby lizard in my room.  It's oogly as fuck!  So I saw it chilling this morning all calm and I got pissed.  It's my room! What the hell is it doing here!?! So I just put a CD container on it.  The point is to kill that skinny bitch, slowly.  I want to suffocate it.  That way I don't have to touch it and it will be a sign to all his fellow lizards that are yet to come to my bedroom.

Rabboussamai fikarrajaii
Fi ainaiha aralhayati
Ati ilaika min haza lkaaouni
Arjouka labbi labbi nidai

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How exactley have you made the candles? with left over wax?

you can do it with leftover wax or you can buy wax (at Michael's)

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