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There should be a Target in Hialeah...
call me joe
we're going to puerto rico for x-mas break. i hate airplanes! 
hmm... veronica mars is gonna be awesome next week...
why is it so damn cold?
i'm freezing my ass  off!
but i can't wait until thursday!
i'm gonna eat a lot.  i love thanksgiving and the holidays.
i wonder where i'm going to shop at friday morning?
i love target, but it's pretty far...

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I wannna go to Target too! lol

when they make the hialeah target we're having a shopping date

buddy, i'm just a phone call away. whenever you want a dinner date, i'm here! i love you.

There building a Target in Hialeah. Its on Okeechobee Road I believe... And VM looks out of hand next week!

i think you just made me the happiest chick in the block!

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