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they HAVE to be twins!!!
McCain/Palin close up by lupinskitty
ok my peeps, if you ever get super duper bored and have nothing, and i mean NOTHING to do, head on over to once there, find the look alike galleries. they are hilarious! every bald dude claims to look like lex from smallville, every asian chick "looks" like lana. i had good laughs.

does this guy look like simon from 7th heaven?? he claims he does...

do these girls look like lana from smallville??

these are two example of girls who "look" like brooke from one tree hill.

this one is "haley" from one tree hill...

the ones above "look" like peyton from one tree hill...

this guy is supposed to be clark on smallville!

the dude above is lucas on one tree hill...

hmmmm... people are just so odd...
but anyway, hope everyone has a  happy gobble gobble day!

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Que ganas de comer mierda these people!!!!! lol, hope alls good diana have a great Turkey day!

thanks! i hope you had a great turkey day as well...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my goodness...what mirror are people looking in?


i seriously agree with you.
love ya!

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