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call me joe
What an EFFING day! I’m uber stressed because of finals.GRRR! Since I’m ADD, I decided to go to the Hialeah public library to study with my sister. If I stayed home, nothing would have gotten done, because I’ll just start doing other, more fun stuff. So anyways, I’m in the library with my study material, inhaling the precious silence of the second story. All of the sudden I hear tiny voices. Not the ones in my head though. They had really cute kids from a nearby school singing Christmas carols in the first story. I’m thinking “how cute,” and wait until they are finished singing their Fa la la la las, then clap, so I can get back to my memorizing. Oh, but that’s not all, then they sing Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell Rock, Frosty the Snowman, the motherfucking TWELVE days of Christmas, Rudolph the damn red nosed reindeer and every other holiday song invented by humankind! So I’m going nuts and trying to concentrate, but it didn’t work. More than an hour later, just when I’m getting used to the noise, they stop, and come up to the SECOND story! As cute as they were, I wanted to choke all of them and their blonde little teacher who sang along with them? Whose bright idea was it to take singing kids to a quiet zone!?! I was losing it, so I left super pissed and irritated. What a was te of time! I hate kids!


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