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I just want to scream!!!
palin victory by lupinskitty

A couple of nights ago, I had my TV on, but was halfway asleep, until I heard the Strawberry Fields song on TV. I had no idea what was going, so I open my eyes, because HELLO, anything Beatles will wake me up. They are announcing some movie about a young couple in the 60s, BUT it is a musical (I effing love muscicals). The best part is that it uses the BEATLES' music. I was like in double HEAVEN. I think I jumped on my bed like I was four years old again. I'm so excited!!! Can't wait to watch it!...

And while I have abandoned this thing somewhat, I just had to write about this!... Ok, I'm off to gulp down some food and excite over Across The Universe

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I saw the preview like 3 weeks ago and thought.. "I so have to watch that MOVIE!" Its a My-type-of-movie... Lets go together.. When does it come out in theatres? Lemme know babe.. you have my number!!!!


I have seen this preview before and man they did a really bad job at grabbing my attention when I first saw it, i guess it was just a sneak peak. Now after this watching this preview it looks freaken amazing! I can not wait for it to come out. All the crazy artsy stuff at the end looks amazing.

:) Glad you put the preview up and glad that you wrote. It had been a whiiiilllleee. Hope all is great!

I saw it! I saw it! It was quite interesting. I am def. buying the soundtrack!


damn it! i still haven't!!! i so want the damn soundtrack too!

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