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On the events of the Iberoamerican Summit in Santiago, Chile (Last Saturday)
call me joe
My archnemesissy, Hugo Chavez goes around insulting Condoleeza, Bush, the supposed “American Empire,” and Tony Blair with such beautiful words that I will not repeat, because I am a lady. So, with what political or moral authority does he have to complain against people who criticize him? He, himself, uses his freedom of speech to the max, and I might add in very offensive ways. Chavez called Jose Maria Aznar (former prime minister of Spain) not only a fascist, but a serpent. That’s just bad conduct because the king of Spain and the chief of the Spanish government were both present and Chavez knew it. I would think that a head of state would have better manners. First of all, Aznar was not even present to defend himself, and now he doesn’t even have political power. Thus, if Chavez has some sort of antipathy against Aznar, let him speak about that in other more appropriate forums, not there!
            After his little serpent comment, Chavez continues to bash and attack the Spanish state, king and the government when he insists on a thesis that is unfounded, saying that Spain supported the coup d’etat against him on April of 2002. It was kind of funny, because Chavez presented himself as an icon of democracy, a poor victim, saying that the revolt was an attempt against Venezuelan democracy. Paradoxically, Chavez was imprisoned for causing a coup in 1992. Venezuela’s president back then was Carlos Andres Perez, a legitimate president, since he had been elected by the people of Venezuela when it was still a democracy. This means that Chavez attempted against democracy in 1992 with his gangster buddies. (This left 90 dead in Caracas.) So, I ask, how can he have the nerve to talk? With what right does can he accuse others of being coup participants? In reality the 2002 “coup” was an attempt to re-establish democracy. While Chavez reached the presidency in a democratic manner, he then proceeds to corrupt it, and end the same democracy that got him into power, turning it into the tropical dictatorship that it is today…  So this 2002 incident that Chavez dubs a coup d’etat is not really a coup, in any case, it is an anti-coup that deserves the support of other world democracies which do not want Venezuela to be this picturesque tyranny, but an actual (and true) democracy.
            But back to the summit, Zapatero replied after hearing Chavez’s insults. I think he spoke nicely, with the eloquence and tone of a true statesman, which led to the chain of events that made the Spanish king exclaim his sweet words to my ears. Chavez kept on interrupting Zapatero, even after he had exhausted his turn to address the room. While I’m not a big Zapatero fan because I don’t share his Socialist views, I loved his demeanor. He asked Bachelet (Chilean President and host) for a chance to hold the word, turned to Chavez and calmly told him that in a place filled with presidents of democracies, he demanded respect for Aznar, even if he opposed his political ideologies, because Aznar had been a representative of the Spanish state and elected by the citizens of Spain. Zapatero attempted to get another sentence out, but Chavez would not stop talking over him. Juan Carlos II leans forward and looks at Chavez, but then reclines back in his seat, as Zapatero tries to finish the sentence he’s started an hour ago. However, the Venezuelan monkey does not take a hint. He continues to interrupt! And then- LONG LIVE THE KING! Juan Carlos leans forward and shouts, “Porque no te callas?!” (Why don’t you shut up?) That was celestial music to my ears!
            Ha! Why don’t you shut up? The words were so spontaneous, they came out of the king’s guts. It was so heartfelt. I loved it! Most people are nauseated by Chavez, but the poor king had to be sitting there listening to this moron, probably wishing that he was sailing in Majorca. But then to add insult to the injury the Venezuelan idiot decides to insult Spain. The king was right to put Chavez in his place. Zapatero was very diplomatic towards Chavez, who would not stop being insulting and interrupting.
            And after the SHHH incident, Zapatero gave Chavez a wonderful little lecture on manners. It was pretty long but in a nutshell, he said that while one may radically disagree, we must still respect others if we want to later demand respect. And then the entire room applauded in agreement with Zapatero (I clapped too). Well, everyone except Chavez, Evo Morales and the rest of his three stooges. How embarrassing for Chavez!!! But to be fair the stupid tropical tyrant brought it upon himself.
            Then the stupid mob mentality kicked in and Daniel Ortega (the Nicaraguan dick-tator) decided to attack Spain along with the shriveled up Carlos Lage (Cuban vice-president and chief ass kisser). Ortega complained that Spain had spoken twice in the summit and that he had only spoken once. To put the icing on the cake Ortega says that Spain was trying to infiltrate in the Nicaraguan elections so that he would not win the presidency. Suddenly, the Spanish king gets up and leaves the room. That was hilarious! It was the first time that the king broke protocol, and I say good job! He left Ortega with the words in his mouth! HA! I’m pretty sure that the king and the Spanish government have better things to do than trying to infiltrate in meaningless dictatorships and third world countries. Give me a break! I doubt that the king makes insignificant decisions regarding outside politics. That corresponds to the parliament, prime minister or the chief of state. The king is there for protocol, for diplomatic functions, to travel, to make friends and get along with everyone (except Chavez). The only dumbass who has managed to become enemy of the king is Hugo Chavez. That I know of, no one else, because the king seems like a laid back gentleman who just wants to have some drinks, sail and look at the pretty girls, that’s why he is king. But now, Chavez accuses the king of being a rebel. That’s the silliest, most idiotic thought ever. What a loser! I can’t imagine the king in Madrid, hiding in a windowless room, wearing a Che Guevarra cap, conspiring and saying “Down with Hugo Chavez!” Can you? I don't know, but there a possibility that the king has more important things to do. You know, like scratch his ass or pick his nose. OLE!


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