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Releasing the inner beast
call me joe
I'm so pissed off right now that all I can do is cry!!! I just saw on tv some stupid guy (in Nicaragua or central America) who a while ago had this "art exhibit." The stupid exhibit consisted a dirty, wounded, dog who was wasting away due to starvation. He had the dog tied up in a little corner and people would go in and look at the dying dog. I hate to curse, but What the fuck is that?!!! What would posses someone to do that? Why would anyone even want to think about doing such an act? Someone should tie that bastard in a corner and not feed him, while he's wounded and see how he likes that exhibition. I just hate people so much sometimes. I am a HUGE animal lover, especially dogs. Everyone knows about my undying love for Sarah Palin, but I was always against her hunting. If it's not threatening your life/safety and you are not going to eat it, why shoot it or harm it? People have no respect for anything; for life, animals, nature. It makes me so damn angry and sad. I couldn't stop crying because it made me think of my dogs. I grabbed Hannah and just hugged her  non-stop. Dogs are companions and the friendliest animals in the world. When they look at you, there's loyalty in their eyes. Just to picture that little dog's eyes asking for help or compassion breaks my heart. I wish I could have done something other than cry like a little girl. I'm just so angry at the world right now!

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Knowing someone can do this makes me angry. This is why I prefer dogs over people. And to think that other people, like sheep, just watched it all happen and said/did nothing about it angers and scares me even more.

WHAT THE HELL?! You have to be freaking heartless to do something like that, and even more beastly to go see it. I can't believe no one tried to intervene!

And p.s., by posting you DID do something: you brought some awareness sistah!

aw! mishka, you're always adorable even when you don't mean to be...

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